We would like to present an attractive proposal for cooperation of our international activities which a great and unique business opportunity on the Polish market  i.e. EAST-WEST DUTY FREE CENTER Co Ltd. ( E-WDFC ).

The company EAST-WEST DUTY FREE CENTER Co Ltd. (E-WDFC) is the administrator of the DUTY FREE ZONE (DFZ) in Mszczonow. The company offers a wide range of storage and related services, like customs brokerage, logistics, distribution, forwarding as well as consulting and practical help with implementation of business options for taking best advantage of opportunities created by the DFZ.

Our DFZ is the only area of ​​customs in the European Union which is located inside the country and completely belongs to a private owner !


In the DFZ in Mszczonow  can conduct following economic activities :

  1. wholesale trading,
  2. warehousing (storage) of different products,
  3. assembling of machinery and equipment,
  4. upgrading of products,
  5. confectioning and distribution of goods,
  6. transportation and forwarding,
  7. exhibition services.

1.  Goods turnover

  1. Goods delivered from abroad to DFZ and from DFZ abroad are free from quantity and value quotas and customs permits.
  2. Goods imported from abroad to DFZ are free from customs duties and taxes, particularly from VAT and excise tax. The exemption from VAT brings the biggest advantages because of its generality (it is imposed practically on all goods and services) and rates (the VAT in Poland accounts for 23% for almost all products and services and is one of the highest in Europe).
  3. Goods exported from DFZ abroad are also free from customs duties and taxes.
  4. Goods stored in DFZ may be transferred into the Polish (EU) customs territory at any moment after payment of customs duties and taxes. It is possible to take out goods in part shipments where duties and taxes are charged only for goods taken out.
  5. When selling goods to an entity not carrying activity in DFZ the obligation to pay the duties and taxes may be transferred to the purchaser.

2.  Warehousing, including storage, in DFZ

  1. Foreign companies, even those which are not registered in Poland may store their goods in DFZ.
  2. Storage of goods in DFZ is not subject to customs office’s permits and requirements for security (bank or insurance guarantee etc.), covering potential duties and taxes which are applicable for instance in bonded warehouses.
  3. Goods may be introduced for storage on the basis of commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice.
  4. Storage of goods in DFZ is not subject to any time limitations.
  5. Customs duties and taxes are suspended for the entire period of storing goods in DFZ.
  6. The obligation of paying customs duties and taxes arises only when goods are purchased by a domestic entity from outside DFZ.
  7. The obligation of paying customs duties and taxes does not arise:
    • when the title of ownership is transferred between entities in DFZ,
    • when goods are sold (exported) abroad,
    • in case of return of goods to the supplier.
  8. Goods may be transferred from one duty free zone to another one without payment of customs duties and taxes.

Goods placed in storage belonging to DFZ may be subject to so-called standard steps:

  1. simple steps to ensure the storage of imported goods in good conditions (ventilation, drying, cleaning, repair of parts damaged in transport, maintenance, cooling, etc.),
  2. treatments to improve appearance or marketable quality of goods (combining and assembling small equipment, diluting fluids, mixing of goods of the same kind and of varying quality etc.),
  3. procedures to prepare the imported goods for distribution or resale (sorting, filtering, packing, unpacking, repacking, performing tests, conservation treatments etc.).

In regard to such type of activity no prior permission of the customs authority is required.

It is important that the entry of the goods to the Polish customs zone, storage costs and costs of carrying do not affect the customs value of the goods.


3. Inward processing, processing under customs control

Goods placed in DFZ may undergo the procedure of inward processing or processing under customs control without limitations nor customs duties and taxes. Processing, manufacturing, repairing of goods under the procedure of inward processing or processing under customs control is not subject to any customs security requirements.

  1. OFFER

EAST-WEST DUTY FREE CENTER Co Ltd.  offers a wide range of services for companies involved in the logistics of goods, including:

  • legal consultations in the field of customs and taxation,
  • consultations in order to achieve optimal solutions for international trade, using DFZ benefits.


  1. covered warehouses of ​​about 11 000 square meters,
  2. storage yards,
  3. cargo handling equipment,
  4. production and assembly facilities,
  5. office space,
  6. exhibition halls,
  7. parking lots,
  8. professional team ready to assist and help at any time of the day.