The owners of EAST-WEST DUTY FREE CENTER (E-WDFC)  has many years of experience in conducting logistics operations and exchange of goods on the international markets.

This place in Poland is also known for being the location of several large logistic centers and industrial projects connected with many well-known, European companies.

We are looking to extend our services done presently. Our DUTY FREE ZONE (DFZ), the industrial characters there consists of several multifunctional buildings ideal for production, assembly, storage and distribution.  It enables its clients to conduct profitable transactions, taking advantage of reduction or suspension of taxes and customs duties.

Moreover, the DUTY FREE ZONE creates excellent conditions for carrying out production activities and providing services to East European, as well as non – EU countries.  This place is ideal for further development of logistics projects and industrial purposes.

For customers who are interested in special storage of the goods, the E-WDFC company owns, apart from the currently existing area of DFZ, several hectares of fully developed land ready for use for any special projects.

E-WDFC specialists together with other experts   help you to start any kind of projects. They also to prepare materials about EU and regional funding which would be useful in accomplishment of above projects.

The Board of E-WDFC is ready for financial cooperation concerning different investment projects on its land in Mszczonów necessary for our partners and customers in the development of their business.